Maine Academy of Natural Sciences

At Good Will-Hinckley

"MeANS is one of the best schools I've gone to.  It's great because my advisor (Dylan) helps me with things I don't understand.  I especially love working in the greenhouse and going with the large animal veterinarian for a job shadow." 
Kaitlyn S., Freshman at MeANS

The MeANS School Day

A typical school day for a MeANS student is anything but typical.

While the day for a boarding student is a bit different than that of a day student, the core learning program remains the same.

Each student:

  • Follows his/her Personal Learning Plan, which a student develops in collaboration with his/her mentor at the beginning of each school year and updates throughout the year as goals are met, interests change etc.;
  • Works toward completion of academic requirements in a self-paced, technology-enhanced manner;
  • Participates in a field placement such as a job, apprenticeship or internship that  aligns with the student’s academic or career interests;
  • Takes responsibility for maintenance and operations of components of the MeANS experience, such as required coursework in applied home economics, sustainability etc.
  • Develops and implements a plan to work with particular individual barriers to success, such as health or mental health issues, substance abuse, trust etc.;
  • Participates in a regular advisory meeting with one teacher/mentor;
  • Works to develop a post-graduation learning and life plan.
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